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 Inspiring & Empowering Kids through Music
Your greatest struggle may lead you to your greatest gift!

Every morning our students hear the words believe in yourself, which is our school motto.  It is very very important for our students to understand those 3 simple words, YES YOU CAN!  The YES YOU CAN! Foundation really hit home today.

Matthew A. Hall
Director of Band
John F. Kennedy Middle School
Atlanta, GA

Mr. Gardner’s YES YOU CAN program is an essential spotlight on our children in this rapidly changing world. Children need to learn to pursue their goals despite the obstacles in their lives. They need to develop the belief in their abilities to achieve those goals. Mr. Gardner is a model of this resilience. He has followed his passion for a career in music even when others told him that he would not succeed. His message to children is genuine and motivational. He empowers children to discover their own resilience and to strive for their life passions with zeal!

Cinamon Short
Director of Music
Heritage Intermediate School
Middlebury, IN

Dan Gardner is the most positive person I have ever met. When he came to my son's elementary school in Goshen, Indiana, and spoke to a gymnasium packed with students and fans, his message to them was very clear: "When others tell you 'no you can't', I'm here to tell you, 'Yes you can!'" The mixture of positive messages along with Dan’s music is something my son still talks about today. I am proud to endorse Dan Gardner and this very important program.

Mark Altenhof
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney 
Elkhart County Prosecuting Attorney's Office
Elkhart, IN

It was our pleasure to have Dan visit us at Goshen High School.  His was well received by the students and they were very impressed with his performance skills.  But more than that they really appreciated the opportunity to sit and talk with Dan and hear his story.  They had opportunity to ask him questions about how he was reaching his goals and what he needed to do personally to continue on his journey.  It was very meaningful for them to hear first hand that dreams can come true.

Marcia Yost
Choral Director/Music Department Chairperson
Goshen High School
Goshen, IN

                                   What a privilege to have Dan Gardner present his YES YOU CAN program to our student body!
                                   He provides such a critical message for our youth!  Our students have lots of difficulties in 
                                   their lives, so many of them can relate to Dan's story.  His willingness to do whatever it takes
                                   to overcome, achieve and succeed in life is a true inspiration to both students and adults!  His
                                   message - believing in yourself, the encouragement of others, and with hard work everyone
                                   can reach for and achieve their dreams - fills the buckets of hope for all who have the
                                   opportunity to see and hear him! 

Marilyn Annan
Curriculum Resource Teacher
Fern Creek Elementary School
Orlando, FL
Music is near and dear to my heart as someone who grew up in a family of musicians. It is a powerful asset to the development of a child, and I am all in on your cause. I look forward to working with you and being part of such a great affair.  
Brenda Wood
Anchor, 11 Alive New
Atlanta, GA
Dear Dan,
Thank you for your gift of $5,000 from the Dan Gardner Yes You Can! Foundation to Torch Academy, Inc. In eight months, since our inception this March, Torch has engaged over 100 children, the majority of whom are classified as “at-risk.” We are excited about our current partnerships with Usher Elementary School and Rosel Fann Recreation Center. We have made a positive impact on not only the students, but also their families and communities as well. "We are so grateful for the Torch program. My son made his first “A” in Reading and Math since he joined the orchestra,” says Angela Larkin, a Torch parent. Because of friends like you, in the spirit of “Yes, You Can!,” Torch Academy is able to continue its mission of providing character development through music education. Your gift was used to purchase instruments, buy textbooks and cover essential operation expenses. Thank you!
Dr. Jacqueline Pickett 
TORCH Academy
Atlanta, GA

Nic Brown is a 3rd grader at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School who was planning for his 9th birthday. Nic decided that in lieu of receiving bday gifts from his friends this year, that he wanted to give back to the community and help others in need. Nic started playing the piano at the age of 4 and has always enjoyed his music classes at school. With this love of music and desire to help kids who are less fortunate, Nic and his mother (Wendy Brown) selected the "YES YOU CAN!" Foundation as the best place to give. This is a grown up decision for a 9 year old boy who is able to make an impact on others with a selfless act on his birthday.