The YES YOU CAN! Programs  

Music:  YES YOU CAN provides financial assistance to schools who are economically challenged.  
The Yes You Can Foundation provides support for struggling music programs, knowing that music can be an avenue for enhancing childrens' ability to learn.  We use financial donations and our relationships with music retail stores to contribute to schools in need of instruments, sheet music, computers, and other music related items.

Outreach:  We partner with schools and their faculty/administrators to conduct school-wide outreach programs, where our members tell kids their own inspirational stories of overcoming adversity when they were young in order to reach their goals.  Our Outreach doesn't end with the presentation.  We meet with the teachers and appointed YES YOU CAN Ambassador kids in the schools we visit.  We discuss ways of implementing the YES YOU CAN attitude in their schools everyday so that kids remember not to be bullies, and to believe in themselves as well as show support to others.  

Scholarship: Our foundation provides financial help to families in need that are searching for ways to pay for private or group music lessons.  We believe these are experiences kids should have.

We can make a difference in the lives of thousands of kids who need and want our help.  We can't do this alone.  We need your help!  Please invest in these kids today to give them a chance in life. 

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 Inspiring & Empowering Kids through Music
Your greatest struggle may lead you to your greatest gift!