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Your greatest struggle may lead you to your greatest gift!
 Inspiring & Empowering Kids through Music
K E E P I N G   T H E   M U S I C   A L I V E !

John Adamski
Marshall Allen
Justin & Crystal Gray Allgood
Bradley & Julie Allison
John & Toni Allison
Peter Becker
Steve & Angie Bennett
Pam Benvenue
Shawn Black
Nancy Boardman
Pawapun Bunnag Booth
Robert & Lisa Bregitzer
Mary Britting
Barbara Brown
Eddie & Wendy Brown
Sue Brown
Herbert Buffington
Mark Buhrke
Blake Butler
Eric & Jenny Butler
Jay Camillo
William Campbell & Jason Girod
Jeremy & Deborah Carder
Ginny Bontrager Carman
Rita Carroll
William Carey
Jim Carnley
Kathy Christensen
Bernie Colligan
Allie Conn
JD Cooper
Alexandra Curry
Kaye Davis
Vitor DeJesus
Sandy Delonga
Stephanie DiLorio
Ben Dorton
Michael Drummond
Peter Dunning
Cole Ferguson
Starla Fitch
Jodi Florence
Thomas Fowlkes
Christine Gallo
Lesyle Gant
Sue Gilman


J. McDowell & Melanie M. Platt
Clifton Plumley
Jamie Potter
Chad Prescott
Nancy Pruitt
Shawn Purcell
Andy Reynolds
Alan Richmond
Jeffrey Robinson
Sean Rogers
Stephanie Rogers
Andy & Rachel Mend Ropp
Paul & Marj Ropp
Brenda Liechty Rubinstein
Gary M. Russell
Jennifer Sams
Polly Sattler 
Brian Scheiber 
Mary Schroeder 
Matt Schwartz
Marcelo Sgarbi
Marc Sherrin 
Radford Slough
Andre Silva
Tenessa Singleton
Dick & Brenda Smith
Mike Smith
Eric Steuer
Robin Silberman-Still
Jason Sullivan
Cassie Terwilliger
Doyle Thomas
Kenna Thomas 
Marcia Thomason
Terminus Transportation Enterprises, Inc.
Keith Traxler & Chad Holman
Ferris & Nichole James Vickers
Amy Weddle
Katherine Wright & Khalid Patton
Lisa Guengerich Way
Evan Willis
Gina Woodham
Yoga, Inc.
Harold Yudelson

Thank you for investing in these kids and helping us continue to create a safe, clean environment that supports student achievement.

​​YES YOU CAN! Circle of Friends recognizes the generosity of individual donors. Membership in the Circle of Friends is extended to those who contribute at least $600 annually in unrestricted, non-event-related gifts to YES YOU CAN!

Conductor  ($25,000 and Higher)
CW Television Network
UP Television Network
William Fair Closing Services

Concertmaster  ($10,000 and 24,999)
Valery Voyles (Ed Voyles Automotive Group)

First Chair  ($5,000 - $9,999)
CSX Transportation
Todd & Maureen Pierce
TabJak LLC

Second Chair  ($2,500 - $4,999)
Coldwell Banker Realtors
Fidelity Investments
Jack & Anne Glenn Foundation

Third Chair  ($1,200 - $2,499)
Brand Bank
Stuart Demma
Christina Fritsch
Derek Matthews & Marcelo Galvao
Christopher & Maria Moffett

Fourth Chair  ($600 - $1,199)

To become a member of the Circle of Friends please contact us at​
Donors will receive a letter from us once the donation is received. The letter will serve as a receipt for tax purposes and certify that the donor did not receive any goods or services in exchange for the donation.​

T.J. & Kenya Green
Delia Maria Greene
James Griffith
Cathy Griffin
Mark Griffith
Chris Griswold
Hunter Groton
Doug Hambrick
Mark Hamlin
George & Penny Hart 
Don Hemrick
Paul Hemrick Jr.
Todd Higginbotham & Kirk Rich
Thomas Le
Maria Lenz
Jeffery Jackson
Jedadiah Jamerson
Josh Jarboe
Keither & Heather Jarvis
JP Jerden
Darwin Johnson
Lenny & Jean Jordan
Reed Kelly
Brain King & Ryan Walton
Sergel Kiriukhin
Jim Little & Toby Merlin
David Keathley
Maria LenzLenz
Massee McKinley
Jay McLaughlin
Workman Meeks 
Pauline Miller 
John Moerschel
Patrick Monaghan
Valerie Morvan
Emory & Kathryn Mulling
Michael Murphy
Michael Noe
Ben Oliver
Benjamin Parker
Henry Parkman
​Mindy Altenhof Parsons
Jenifer Payne
Matthew Pence
David Pezzino

Eric Jennings
John Keiser
Jack McKinley
Michael & Melody Perrin
Paul & Maria Sutej
Harold & Mary Watkins
Isaac Wolfe
Juan Pablo Zuluaga

AGL Resources
Atlantic Capital Bank
Coldwell Banker Foundation
DBA Silver & Associates
Equifax Foundation

William & Mary Brantley
Eric & Jenny Butler
Fabricio Moraes & Jess Gardner III
Liza Getzinger
Douglas Granville
Sauda Fuller
Roger & Sonia Franklin
Debbie & Todd House

Georgia Banking Company
Morningstar Mini Storage
Paris & Associates Realty
Wisteria Restaurant