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The YES YOU CAN! Foundation transforms the lives of thousands of school children. By giving to YES YOU CAN! you will keep music programs alive in our schools.  Please invest in these kids and help us continue to create a safe, clean environment that supports student achievement.  Make a general donation or join our individual giving society, Circle of Friends.

Circle of Friends recognizes the generosity of individual donors.  Membership in the Circle of Friends is extended to those who contribute at least $600 annually in unrestricted, non-event-related gifts to YES YOU CAN!

Your gift of $600 or more (or $50 monthly) qualifies you for membership in the Circle of Friends.  You will enjoy invitations to members-only receptions and events.  Your membership is tax deductible.

Your membership enables more kids in more schools in more states to benefit from the empowering message and mission of  YES YOU CAN!

To join YES YOU CAN! Circle of Friends please contact us at

YYC! Circle of Friends Giving Program

Conductor  ($25,000 and Higher)

Concertmaster  (10,000 - $24,999)

First Chair  ($5,000 - $9,999)

Second Chair  ($2,500 - $4,999)

Third Chair  ($1,200 - $2,499)

Fourth Chair  ($600 - $1,199)

Donate Online Today Make a donation to the YYCF over the Internet. It's safe and easy from our secure site.

To mail in your donation please send a check or money order payable to:
The YES YOU CAN! Foundation or YYCF
44 Finch Trail  NE
Atlanta, GA 30308

Donors will receive a letter from us once the donation is received. The letter will serve as a receipt for tax purposes and certify that the donor did not receive any goods or services in exchange for the donation.
If you have any questions please contact us at  

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