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Your greatest struggle may lead you to your greatest gift!
Your greatest struggle may lead you to your greatest gift!
 Inspiring & Empowering Kids through Music
YES YOU CAN! wants to provide an instrument to any child who would like to join a music group, but is unable to due to financial circumstance. Research shows that children can make great progress using music as a tool for personal development. Values inherent in a structured music education are ones that unite people within their communities.  

There are so many schools that need help with their music program funding. Please invest in these children and help YES YOU CAN continue to create safe, clean environments that supports student achievement.​
YES YOU CAN! is partnering with the TORCH Academy, Grove Elementary, Bolton Academy, Bazoline E. Usher Elementary School, and Cleveland Avenue Elementary.  ​
Music can change the world.  

There is something powerful about music.  It has the ability to touch the very core of who we are as people.

Study after study shows that students who study music in school, regardless of their socioeconomic status, do better than students who have no music involvement. They do better on standardized tests; they are more likely to stay away from alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs; they are less likely to drop out of school. It’s a simple equation: children plus music programs equal better students with a brighter future.

Help YES YOU CAN! transform the lives of thousands of school children. By giving to YES YOU CAN! you will keep music programs alive in our schools. Please invest in these kids. 
YES YOU CAN! is partnering with schools, clubs, and other children focused organizations in our communities to provide our youth with tools to become strong musicians and responsible caring human beings. 

Through YES YOU CAN! we teach children the things I was taught as a child and some of you were taught as a child.

*No one succeeds without hard work.
*You must have determination to reach your goals.
*You need mentors who can share their knowledge to help show you the way.
*Whatever you want to do, there are requirements that must be met for you to get there.
*The difference between success and failure is your determination to meet those
*And most of all, no matter what anyone says, your future is in your hands. YOU
 determine what happens to you in life.

Many children aren't taught these simple facts of life and we are seeing the results of this in our society. YES YOU CAN! is providing a positive environment for these children to learn how to work together to create something beautiful. These children are learning about what it means be a part of something, a community where their opinion matters. They are learning to respect themselves as well as their peers. They are learning how to become responsible caring human beings who are strong musicians. The results of our programs are astounding. We are seeing less discipline problems with bullying and more children are becoming better students and staying in school. 


The YES YOU CAN! Foundation presented the Usher Elementary strings program with a check for $5,000. 
The YES YOU CAN! Foundation presented the Kipp Scribes writing program with a check for $5,000.
The YES YOU CAN! Foundation provided $5,000 to individuals in music scholarships. 
The YES YOU CAN! Foundation provided $25,000 to the Outreach program, mentoring our youth. Thousands of children have experienced, benefited, and been inspired by YES YOU CAN! 
The YES YOU CAN! Foundation works with under served school children through our music programs teaching them about what it means to be a part of something, a community. We are teaching them about self respect and self worth. Our goal is to get these kids to realize that they matter. They deserve to thrive in life. We want these kids to carry this message with them the rest of their lives, YES YOU CAN!

Make a difference!
Thousands of children have experienced, benefited, and been inspired by YES YOU CAN!

We want to help many more. Your contribution enables more children in more schools in more states to benefit from the empowering message and mission of YES YOU CAN! 

Together we can keep music in our schools and give our children a brighter future. 
Programs Benefiting Our Youth & Our Communities

1. Funding for Music Classes: Choir, Orchestra, & Band
2. Outreach: Sharing Our Stories & Mentoring Our Youth
3. Music Scholarships for Private Music Lessons
Be the change you wish to see in the world!    - Gandhi
One person can make a difference. Imagine the possibilities if we all help..... Let's start the MOVEMENT today. Make a difference! 
We meet Caleb. Caleb is a 5th grader who just moved from Tennessee to Atlanta. He lives with his grandmother and three older sisters. He’s small and thin for his age and he’s got an over the top personality. Caleb is having a tough time making friends at his new school. He’s effeminate and the children in the school don’t know how to react to him so they all bully him and make his life miserable. The YES YOU CAN! Foundation visits Caleb’s school. We walk in to the classroom of 35 students and immediately notice how all the children focus on Caleb, teasing and bullying him. We ask the students to sit in a circle on the classroom floor. I join them purposely sitting next to Caleb. I ask the group of children if any of them have a musical talent. I turn to Caleb and direct the question to him. Caleb softly answers by stating that he can play the piano and the violin. I ask Caleb to play something on the violin. Caleb shyly agrees. I hand Caleb a violin and Caleb begins to play beautifully by ear. The room goes silent as the children listen to this major talent play. When Caleb is finished the children in the room go crazy cheering and clapping for him. Caleb has a huge smile on his face. YES YOU CAN surprises Caleb by giving him a violin to keep and by providing him with private lessons. Later the principal of the school who witnessed everything tells us, the YES YOU CAN! Foundation, that we saved a life. Caleb had been so miserable with the kids picking on him and bullying him. The staff at the school were concerned for Caleb's well being. Now Caleb had the respect of his peers. They were blown away by his talent. This is the power of music. Music really can change the world. Please help YES YOU CAN continue to give the gift of music to our under served youth and schools by donating an end of the year gift . With your support we are able to provide musical instruments, mentoring, and music classes to youth who depend on our Foundation and have no other support. 
Why We Give
We meet Becca. We meet Becca. Becca is 10 years old and is home-schooled. She's bright, cheerful and very talented. She lives with her parents and two younger brothers. The family just recently moved from Ghana. They don’t have friends or family in the area and financially they are barely making ends meet. Becca is very gifted (may be a prodigy) but doesn’t have the means to buy a cello or pay for lessons to develop her talent. Her Father hears about YES YOU CAN and contacts us. We contact our donor list and ask if anyone is willing to donate a cello. Within a few hours we receive a call from a donor who wants to donate his cello along with music books. Becca and her family are thrilled! For Becca, receiving a cello and lessons makes a world of difference to her. Without the cello, she might not have the opportunity to express her inspiring gift of music. She may have gone down a completely different path in life. Several lives were changed for the better through this experience. The donor of the cello was so pleased to pass his cello along and give the gift of music to a child in need. Becca was thrilled to have her own instrument and the parents were so happy to find a way to fulfill their daughter’s wish. This is the power of YES YOU CAN! 
We meet Sara. Sara is a 4th grader. She’s sweet and incredibly bright. Sara lives with her single mother and two younger brothers. Money is painfully tight for her family. Sara has dreams of taking singing lessons, but knows her family cannot afford them. Sara has had a tough life during her young years. She’s experienced abuse by an ex boyfriend of her mother’s. The experience has caused Sara to put up a wall. She doesn’t trust easily, especially male adults and she’s become so shy that she doesn’t have any friends. The YES YOU CAN! Foundation visits Sara’s school. After hearing Dan speak to the children about his own experiences and overcoming adversity, Sara decides to introduce herself to Dan. Her head is down as she approaches, barely looking up as she introduces herself to him. Sara tells Dan that her dream is to take singing lessons but her family cannot afford them. YES YOU CAN  decides to grant Sara her wish and they provide her with a year of private lessons. When the year comes to an end Sara’s mother shares with Dan and YYC that Sara is a completely different child. Not only has she improved her singing but she is no longer shy around others. She’s confident, she has friends, she is doing well in school, and she trusts again. YES YOU CAN! Foundation presents Sara with a keyboard and macbook so that she can continue with music. Sara and her mother are thrilled! This is the power of YES YOU CAN!